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What is Dojo?
Dojo is a series of online training courses that have uniquely been co-designed with a range of public sector organisations. These peer-approved courses comprise of engaging and accessible video training modules and associated e-learning.
Dojo is different. It’s fresh, informative and entertaining, with a unique tone of voice that has proven to be hugely popular with our public sector audience.

Dojo has been developed by BAFTA award-winning filmmakers, Matobo, in collaboration with a range of public sector organisations, following on from similar work commissioned by the BBC, including their cyber awareness course, now the only mandatory training for all BBC staff.
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Why Choose Dojo?

It’s often said that security breaches aren’t a matter of ‘if’, but rather ‘when’. As cyber criminals become increasingly sophisticated and operate in a wider space, your organisation needs to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to prepare staff for any eventuality.

And with human error being a significant cause of data breaches, every member of your staff is now a key line of defence against cyber criminals, all of which can be achieved through well informed and engaging cyber training.

Who is behind Dojo?

Dojo is a collaboration. A collaboration of public sector organisations shaping sector specific training to meet the evolving needs of staff, politicians and partners. Brought together by the public sector co-funding experts at CC2i and working with leading film makers, education experts, animators and researchers from Matobo, Dojo is a proven co-design partnership and growing e-Learning collective.

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Our Testimonials

"Overall, the feedback for Dojo has been very positive - staff found the training informative and straightforward, and liked how Dojo covered a variety of topics. What they have also appreciated is the layout and structure of the training - it is simple and easy to follow."
Babergh and Mid Suffolk
Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils
" We liked the short/sharp elements of the training as they reinforced the messages from the previous training we had run – also how they focused on very relevant issues like what to look out for in phishing and reputational damage from failure to protect personal information and the organisation."
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Arun District Council