A Collaborative Project

Dojo comprises of a range of courses focused on both cyber security and information governance. They have uniquely been co-designed with the public sector and have so far been rolled out across 100+ public sector bodies and over 350,000 staff.

Dojo is the result of real collaboration; councils, housing associations, health organisations working with leading film makers and education professionals, all brought together by the co-funding experts at CC2i.

The collective continues to guide and progress the training in line with evolving cyber and InfoGov needs.

Why Dojo?

What makes Dojo entirely unique from other training courses is how it came about in the first place.

The team at CC2i wanted to ensure that this course would specifically meet the needs of councils and public sector organisations, so they spent three months bringing together interested authorities keen to do something pro-active in the cyber awareness space – specifically around staff training.

Ten councils put their hands up to be involved – and in a series of workshops, they sat round the table to give their input on everything, from the scripts to the animations. The result was our first suite of training videos, Dojo: Local Government, consisting of 12 video training modules and e-learning.

Having been co-designed by ten councils, Dojo is well informed and relevant to the needs of the public sector, with many of our current customers sharing this view.

Who we work with

Our Testimonials

"Overall, the feedback for Dojo has been very positive - staff found the training informative and straightforward, and liked how Dojo covered a variety of topics. What they have also appreciated is the layout and structure of the training - it is simple and easy to follow."
Babergh and Mid Suffolk
Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils
" We liked the short/sharp elements of the training as they reinforced the messages from the previous training we had run – also how they focused on very relevant issues like what to look out for in phishing and reputational damage from failure to protect personal information and the organisation."
Dojo Testimonial - Arun District Council Logo
Arun District Council