Who are CC2i?

CC2i provides a platform for co-funding great ideas, collaborating on their development and enabling digital innovation to actually happen. We're a business looking to disrupt, and ultimately transform the way in which digital gets done in the public sector across the UK. Any digital team out there, whether within an SME, public organisation or third sector can come to us with their idea. CC2i will then do the work to ensure that all like-minded organisations in the sector are made aware of it, and invite them to pledge a percentage of the cost.

In return they get the technology or service they need at a fraction of the cost if they did it themselves. Each idea will have a clear business case, along with contracts and service level agreements that they would expect when commissioning a service or product of this nature. Better than that though - they get to help shape it rather than doing what we often do with digital products in the public sector: we procure a square peg to fit into a round hole. It's no big surprise that disappointment so often follows. CC2i are looking to avoid this, and make a change for the better.

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CC2i has been leading a new approach to public sector collaboration and co-design for over three years now, whereby groups of councils share the cost and risk of developing solutions to common challenges. These councils actively co-fund and co-design development, and in the process ensure that the resulting solutions have relevance to the wider local government market. This then ensures the results are taken up by others, creating a sustainable commercial foundation and viable long term products/services.