Dojo: Councillor Collaboration Underway

Dojo: Councillor Collaboration Underway – the results of the LGA Cyber Stocktake showed that cyber awareness training was the number one priority across councils, and within that there was a specific need to better train Councillors.

Their National Level report stated:

“Training needs to be focused not only on staff and cyber security professionals, but also on the specific needs of councillors and how they remotely access council systems and services.”

Earlier this year, five councils got together with a BAFTA award winning production team to draft new content to address this particular need. And we are now looking for a number of councils to help create this new material via co-design by subject matter experts (DPOs, Councillors et al). This material, specifically designed for Councillors will cover:

  • The different GDPR roles Councillors have in terms of being both a data processor and controller
  • Making Councillors aware of appropriate email protocols
  • FOI & SARs
  • Their roles both to keep the council cyber secure as well as promote cyber resilience more widely in the community
  • And when, why and how to seek help.

The result of this will be four interactive training modules, which will form as part of our established series, Dojo: Local Government, which consists of 12 training modules that train staff at all levels on cyber security and GDPR.

Four councils are already committed to help co-design the new modules – Gloucestershire CC, Staffordshire CC, Dudley MBC and St Albans DC, and we are also offering interested councils a rebate scheme through which you would recover the initial investment to ensure that it is cost neutral.

You can read more about Dojo: Councillor as well as view the pitch here.

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