Dojo: Cyber Consultation 2020 Opens

In the past 18 months over 350,000 public sector staff have been through the Dojo: Cyber & GDPR awareness training. However in that cyber threats are ever evolving and the ICO recommends that staff are trained annually, the team behind Dojo has opened a consultation to develop new content which will ensure Dojo remains the most relevant public sector focused training available in the UK.

The Dojo: Cyber Consultation 2020 will be promoted by a variety of partners and the anonymous feedback will be shared with local government and wider public sector cyber resilience partners, to ensure the best cross sector approach.

This consultation builds on the collaborative approach Dojo: Cyber has taken from the start. From the original 10 councils who co-funded and co-designed the training, to the 110+ public sector organisations who have since rolled it out.

Updates on the survey will be made available here on the Dojo website. But for now we would love you to take part, it’s only 10 questions and will take less than 10 minutes – thanks in advance: Dojo: Cyber Consultation 2020 Survey