Dojo: Cyber Refresher Module Consultation – June 2019

In the past 18 months, over 350,000 public sector staff have been through the Dojo: Cyber & GDPR awareness training. However in that cyber threats are ever evolving and the ICO recommends that staff are trained annually, the team behind Dojo will open a cross council consultation in mid June, to develop new content which will ensure Dojo remains the most relevant public sector focused training available in the UK.

This consultation builds on the collaborative approach Dojo: Cyber has taken from the start. From the original 10 councils who co-funded and co-designed the training, to the 100+ councils who have since rolled it out; at every step the councils involved have steered the training and fed into the process.

The Dojo: Cyber refresher module will focus on new threats and reinforce good practice, whilst the supporting eLearning will cover both new content and key elements of the original training. This means that all organisations that currently use Dojo will be able to ensure that staff are kept up to speed, as well as identify those who need to revisit any original material to remind themselves of guidance.

The Dojo team already has views on what the training could cover, but are keen to know what new cyber threats and issues the public sector are facing, as well as scout for emerging threats. This will ensure that Dojo continues to meet the broadest possible sector requirements and gives everyone a voice.

Once we have the survey results the Dojo team, supported by a number of subject matter experts from across the public sector, will sift the results and prioritise the issues. They will then script and produce the new content. This Dojo: Cyber refresher module will be distributed to all subscribers as part of the ongoing awareness training maintenance and wider evolution of the Dojo series.

Updates on the process will appear here on the Dojo website, so please keep in touch.