iNetwork Effective Information Sharing & Security Award





GMCA have nominated CC2i for the iNetwork Effective Information Sharing & Security Award for their collaborative approach and success in driving Cyber and Information Governance awareness and learning across Greater Manchester via the Dojo series. 

We’re proud to say that we have been named as Finalists for the work that we do. You can read more about it here.

This is what the GMCA had to say about us: “Working with CC2i helped GMCA and others collaborate in a way that they could not have managed alone.  CC2i’s co-funding and co-design approach means that GMCA and Oldham will save over £14,000 over three years in training subscription fees and the results are effective, engaging and accessible training (and InfoGov – let’s face it – can be quite a dry subject!)”

Since starting work with GMCA, we have spoken about a number of other innovative collaborations and ideas including Councillor specific Cyber training, the future of Collective Procurement and the challenges of Adult Social Care.  It’s an exciting time for CC2i and we’re always open to new ideas, if you’d like to be involved or hear ongoing news and updates on all of the Cyber projects, please get in touch. 

We’ll know whether we are the winners of this leading public sector award later in November, fingers crossed!