“Like all other councils across the UK, Portsmouth is facing unprecedented times when it comes to cyber attacks. As well as providing robust technical IT defences against attacks, it is crucial we ensure staff are fully aware of the risks and know what to do if they suspect something malicious. The Matobo-CC2i collaboration gives us the ability to work with a leading film-maker in this field, as well as other councils facing similar threats. Key benefits so far have of course been the sharing of costs, but also recognition that we are not alone, being able to learn from other councils as to how they have dealt with cyber threats, and possibly most important, the ability to input relevant messages into the training to inform staff at all levels.”
Portsmouth City Council
“We create our own PCH-specific videos to improve staff self-learning and support, but we did not want to reinvent the wheel, so joined the consortium to get a better targeted result for less effort and cost.”
Plymouth Community Homes
"The feedback has been incredible and staff are already coming up with some great ideas on how to build a complete GDPR and Cyber-Security awareness programme based on the videos and the characters from them."
Dojo Testimonials - West Lindsay District Council
West Lindsey District Council
"Overall, the feedback for Dojo has been very positive - staff found the training informative and straightforward, and liked how Dojo covered a variety of topics. What they have also appreciated is the layout and structure of the training - it is simple and easy to follow."
Babergh and Mid Suffolk
Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils
“The NHS is a prime target for cyber criminals and we take our responsibility of protecting patient data very seriously. Ensuring all NHS Wales staff are aware of the threats and know how to mitigate them is critical."
NHS Wales
" We liked the short/sharp elements of the training as they reinforced the messages from the previous training we had run – also how they focused on very relevant issues like what to look out for in phishing and reputational damage from failure to protect personal information and the organisation."
Dojo Testimonial - Arun District Council Logo
Arun District Council
“Collaborating with other similar minded Housing Associations has resulted in a high quality cyber awareness training package tailored to our needs. It covers everything we need to provide our staff including modules for the new Data Protection/GDPR requirements, and will save us significant time and resource in delivering consistent training and awareness to help with the fight against ever increasing cyber risk.”
Dojo Testimonials - Gentoo Housing Association
"I’ve just been through it all for the first time and REALLY love it...you have a really strong USP. It’s great that someone has had the vision and confidence to do something like this! Dojo is a very accessible training package which staff find easier to use and more interesting than more conventional, text based solutions.”
Cannock Chase District Council
"This was one of the best online training that I have completed. It was very easy to use and the best thing about it was it was broken down into small modules so I was able to do these and still deal with work matters. The majority of the courses are very long and it is hard to find quiet time for 30 minutes to an hour to complete online training without interruptions. It would be really helpful if other learning could be similar to this. The audio was also very good."
Shropshire Council